Why do we do what we do? 
Because we believe a visual connection is the strongest connection.

The Beginning

Inspired by a childhood dream, the idea of the creative branding agency MYREZE came to life in 2014. Their first year started with the creation of a branding package for Al-Arabiya’s new show “Diplomatic Avenue” and was the perfect opportunity to show our expertise within 3D. We created an intro for VGTV’s game show “Skal Du Ha Juling” and scored a deal with TV 2 to create all their idents for the summer season and created an innovative opener for their show “Sommertid”. This opener was filmed using a new technology that utilized a fixed multi-camera system with the ability of recording a full 360° view.


The 3D Evolution

After the new year, we began receiving requests for more 3D work including the design of the opening titles for Saudi-Arabia’s King’s Cup with only 3 weeks to complete the project. We also created a unique and sophisticated animation for an informative video detailing the production process for Norwegian aluminium for the renewable energy and aluminium production company: HYDRO.


The Discovery

2017 was the year that saw MYREZE creating the opener and studio for the TV show “Lost In Time”, nominated for a Gullruten award for our work of NFX with The Future Group. The partnership that stemmed from these projects after seeing our work lead to our additional contributions to the brand and great collaborations on cutting-edge projects.


The Revolution

Considering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, we focused solely on the possibilities of virtual solutions for meetings and webinars. We first tested our new virtual productions on the world’s first ever virtual comedy show: Lykkeshow and later with the creation of a custom virtual studio for TEDx’s first ever virtual talk. 2020 was by far our biggest year to date with the creation of The Weather Channel’s groundbreaking new virtual studio, Al Arabia's revolutionary rebranding package and the virtual universe and branding package for Bloomberg’s new Middle Eastern news channel: Asharq.



Bergen Media City
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