We are leading the way on a new adventure to the forefront of what is possible. An exciting journey, dancing on the dividing line between what is, and what is not considered possible. We want to take you on that journey with us - and explore the frontier of tomorrow's world.

The Beginning

In it’s modest conception in 2014 as a childhood dream inside a bedroom - to it’s first red-painted office in Torgallmenningen, Bergen; the idea of the media & branding MYREZE came to life. Already in January, Al Arabiya had contacted us about the project involving a branding package for their new show “Diplomatic Avenue” and was the perfect opportunity to show our 3D expertise. (write something about diplomatic avenue) - show about the UN.

2014 also saw us create an intro for “Skal Du Ha Juling”, the game show for VGTV - as well as scoring a deal with TV 2 to create all the idents needed for the summer of the same year which would be broadcasted to millions of viewers daily.

MYREZE worked for two months on an innovative opener for the show “Sommertid”, which broadcasted on Norway’s largest commercial TV station all summer round, filmed using a new type of camera technology using a fixed multi-camera system with the ability of recording a full 360° view. 

We were also given the opportunity to use the 360° view camera technology in November when we started a collaboration with CHess ad MK to develop a concept for promotional web films and animation.


2015 – 2016
The Evolution

After the new year, we began receiving requests for more 3D, and In 2015 we received the offer to work on openers for the Kings Football Cup, the football cup owned by the Crown Prince of Dubai. We were given only 3 weeks to complete the project which tested us, but proved itself to be successful nonetheless.

In 2016 we got the opportunity to work with Ullevaal Media Center on augmented reality graphics for the Norwegian Men’s National Football team which was broadcasted on the TV channel MAX.

We also created sophisticated and unique 3D  animation for an informative video detailing the process of aluminium production for Norwegian aluminium and renewable energy company: HYDRO, as well as a creative, collage-like animated intro for the Norwegian TV program “Rett Fra Hjertet”.


2017 - 2019
The Discovery

2017 saw MYREZE creating the opener as well as the studio for TV show “Lost In Time”, nominated for a Gullruten award for our work on VFX with The Future Group later wanting more contributions from us to the brand as a whole, and to collaborate on many more cutting edge projects. 

This would be the start of the most exciting journey in the Myreze story so far.

In 2018 we discovered the potential in virtual studio production, and invested thousands of hours training our team to master it. Now with international quality within mixed reality, augmented reality and motion graphics, we have developed designs seen by hundreds of millions, worldwide

Towards the end of 2019, we encountered our largest task to date, a project in the Middle-East. 

From attacks in the region - to  political decisions, it quickly turned from a task that seemed fairly simple to an increasingly challenging one.


The Revolution

The evolution of MYREZE has shown resounding success and has only grown, with its client list expanding to include the biggest names in the media industry.

Myreze has evolved from a Norwegian-based company, to an international one - both in the US and the Middle East.

We expect this year to be our best, with great upcoming projects, moving forward with exciting new developments in mixed reality, virtual set productions, and what we do best - Branding. 



Bergen Media City
Lars Hillers Gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway