Imagine being able to virtually teleport any person to any location in the world? Imagine being able to interact with those people instantly and without technical knowledge. The possibilities of such a technology would allow the world to be connected in a way it has never been before. That’s what Teleportal is for. / That’s why we’re here.


What is Teleportal?

Teleportal is an easy to use plug-in that allows you to integrate your camera feed into a virtual studio, where you will be virtually present in a digital environment together with anyone else connected to your virtual session.


How does it work?

With the standalone Teleportal application (available for Mac and PC), a functioning webcam and a steady internet connection, + a green screen? the user is able to choose from a wide variety of virtual studio templates and thereby connect to a virtual session, just as one would enter a video call.

When the user has connected to a virtual session, the user will be visible to other participants via their feed which can be placed anywhere within the session’s virtual environment. For a conference, the user’s feed can be placed within a virtual monitor or for one-on-one conversations, the user’s feed can be integrated into the virtual studio itself.

Teleportal’s virtual sessions can be implemented with numerous unique features that set it apart from similar video conferencing technologies, such as chat functions for viewers, the implementation of real time AR graphics and gamification features.


Virtual Visit

In April 2021 Myreze conducted a state-of-the-art production for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This groundbreaking event featured His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway as he embarked on a virtual tour of California and served as the perfect opportunity for Myreze to put their teleporting technology to the test.
Based on the success of the Virtual Tour, Teleportal’s technology has shown that it has the ability to bring people together in new ways despite travel restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Not only that, this tool contributes towards the United Nations’ climate goals for 2030, as using Teleportal requires no travel.



Xsens, the industry-leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology, unveiled their brand new lineup of MVN motion tracking technology and cloud-based products at CES’ 2021 tech event in a virtual presentation that demonstrated their latest innovations.

This presentation served as a great example of how brands can utilize virtual environments to get close to the customer during unconventional times. The flexibility in changing a studio’s design and theme is a great asset when applied to cases for everyday use with templates that can be reused for internal presentations or for future external webinars.



In 2020, car manufacturer CUPRA utilized virtual technology for their first ever fully-digital MASTER convention. This incredible event gathered attendees from around the world into a beautiful virtual showroom created by Visyon 360 where they could interact with the environment, all from the comfort of their own home.

In the socialization area, tools were included for communication between the viewers and the CUPRA team via text, voice and video, before being seated in the CUPRA Auditorium to view the main event.

“This has been a fantastic experience. The technology is impressive and provides for an experience of actually being in the same room, even though we are physically located in different parts of the world. We need to explore new ways of interacting, have greener meetings, and the virtual world is definitely worth exploring.”

-Håkon Haugli, CEO of Innovation Norway