About The process


The goal with this commercial was to introduce a new product (Geo-Redundant SSD VPS) from Webhuset directed to clients interested in computers. The way we solved this was to produce a friendly news slot presented by a believable reporter who looks good on camera. 

We created a unique news profile and TV Channel with an American touch with a full virtual  studio, News-Opener and tailormade music. We wanted to give a feeling and impression of a big news channel with many viewers. The commercial was then edited to 3 different lengths to suit different media platforms. Script, shoot and 3D graphics is all produced by Myreze AS.




Regissør: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Produsent & Innspillingsleder: Øyvind Eriksen
Filmfoto: Christoffer Møgster
B-foto/DIT: William Walter
Lydmann: Håkon Anton Olavsen
Lysmester: Emil Håseth Gurvin
Klipp + BTS: Joackim Bjørkmann
Motion Artist: Preben Wergeland Christensen
Designer: Benjamin Lauritsen
3D Artist: Anders Borg
Music: Tobias Grønvold
Casting: Øyvind Eriksen
Sminke: Caroline Skaget
Prod. ass (catering): Aud Haugen Fougner
Nyhetsanker: Ann-Kristin Mårstad
Åshild Forbord
Erik Windahl Olsen
Jonas Daniel Irvall
Journalist #1 Joackim Bjørkmann Journalist
#2 Marion Ekeheien Journalist
#3 Charlot Daysh Journalist
#4 Linn Karen Carlsen Journalist
#5 Sindre Fløistad Reporter
#1 Christian Roupé Reporter
#2 Gro Elisabet Sille Reporter
#3 Pawel Zmij Kameramann
#1 Julianna Weber Kameramann
#2 Bilal Butt Kameramann
#3 Morten Carlsson

Like what you see?

Like what you see ?