TV2 God Sommertid

In March 2014 we received an assignment from TV 2 to create their new idents for the summer. These indents were to be 5-second video clips that would be broadcasted in-between the channel’s TV shows and commercials. We chose to focus on a new technology, a multi-camera stand that was able to shoot high quality footage in a 360° view - and was important to film events that created the uniquely joyful feeling of the summer season, and to then create a ‘globe effect’ out of the footage we captured. The process began with sketches of what we wanted to film, and how the footage would look at the end of the video clip. We ended up making 20 idents with this camera effect to run on the TV 2 channel throughout the summer.
We greatly appreciate TV 2 for making the leap to follow through with this idea with us, because at the time - nobody had done it before.


When embarking on a project like this using entirely new technology, it's important to give the customer something visual to make sure they understand our vision, so we made a few concepts to help explain the idea.


The Shoot

The sketches above were used as a directional reference to be used throughout the production process. The goal was to recreate the various sketches in real life. It was filmed at various locations in both the city of Bergen and in the capital of Norway, Oslo.



In the final frames of every ident, the mini-film contains an animated logo along with the message of wishing all the viewers a “Good Summer!”. 

The logo’s animation was developed from the channel’s show “Summer”, creating the perfect link to the production we did for this program.


The opener served as a beautiful collection of the footage we had created so far to form the intro for the show “Sommertid”, and acted as a great link to our work with the idents as seen above.

The Rig

The rig consisted of six go-pro cameras attached to a stand that we designed ourselves and was produced using a 3D printer to fit the purpose of this task. The six different clips were then stitched together in post-production to form a complete 360 degree image. By zooming out from this image we created the globe effect.

On-Air Graphics

The on-air graphics establishing a visual reference to our design of the “Sommertid” opener and idents was key when creating various animatics, icons, backdrops and logos as the show itself was broadcasting - forming a complete visual synchronization for the whole show from beginning to the end credits.



Creative Director  –  Björn Myreze
Director  –  Martin Lavik Nygaard & Christoffer Møgster
Producer  –  Eirik Odden
Animation  –  Remi Vaage & Martin Lavik Nygaard
Design  –  Björn Myreze & Bendikt Myklebust
Sound Design  –  Eirik Odden and Frode Langhelle
Additional Motion Graphics  –  Christoffer Møgster & Eirik Odden
Storyboard Artists  –  Kjeristi Nicole Larsen, Serina Nepstad


Bergen Media City
Lars Hilles Gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway