The Observatory

What is the future of TV content?

It is virtual. It is interactive. It is real-time. It is integrating multiple activities into one experience.

Just imagine a universe where the TV brand is the centre point to a thriving ecosystem where the tree of life is the foundation that unites all the branches of the IMR universe: News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, E commerce and Esports into one entity.

This studio solution demonstrate the innovative and endless possibilities available. Flexibility of camera movements; transitions and
the opportunity to be truly creative in ways that previously was not possible – in real time to create a superior viewer experience.

With Frontier it is all possible.


Produced for The Future Group by MYREZE

Creative director: Bjørn Myreze
Script & Concept: Jørgen Håland, Anja Helen Fagerli

Head of 3D: Remi Vaage

3D artist: Jo Christian Figenschou
3D artist: Karoline Holm
3D artist: Henning Tvedten
3D artist: Tom Vargervik Riise


Frontier is a highly-scalable 3D visual effects solution based on a heavily- enhanced version of the Epic Games Unreal® game engine.

Now any TV production can create live photorealistic effects or virtual sets that integrate with anything from the real world – creating true Interactive Mixed Reality content including dynamic virtual sets, virtual characters and Virtual Studio Services that provide Frontier customers with in-studio testing, training, and customer productions. In addition it allows you to have total control and limitless possibilities of the studio navigation.



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