About the process


Our client Webmegler wanted to reach their existing clients in a more efficient way than before. We did a workshop with them, and came up with the concept «too good to share».
We wanted to create a reliable character that loves his career. He is excited about his job, and hopefully his enthusiasm will speak to the audience of this commercial. 
Our character is very exited every time he discovers anything that gives him an advantage to most his colleagues. He only shares his discoveries with his favourite colleague.

The two commercials we made shows the genuine moment that occurs when someone discovers an awesome new feature that will make his work so much easier. 
We love how the actor genuinely expresses the excitement for these features on a one-take production.

In addition we produced the clients ident at the end of the clip.


Producer and Project manager: Luciana Thunem
Director and Animation: Martin L. Nygaard
Camera and Editing: Christoffer Møgster
Ident and prod, ass: Mathias Birkeland
Sound: Erik Alfredsen

Online Showcase: Luciana Thunem

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