About The process


This is by far one of Danmarks biggest live bands. They wanted a totally new profile for their latest album so we decided to build this absurd universe for The Sailors.
Sømændene (meaning The Sailors in english) wanted a brand new direction based on their new material. The only thing they wantet to keep was their old uniforms. They wanted to be presented in an abstract world combined with elements from ships and sailors.



Creative director/Photographer: Björn Myreze

Project Details

  • Client: Shipwrecords
  • Date: 1th of November 2013
  • Skills: Concept, Photo, Post


Logo built up of sailorelements. Altså quite alot of elements they brought to the set as also used when they perform live.

This is the first direction we worked on but ended up with this white direction in stead to make it a bit more unique and abstract.

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