The project


Our task was to create an art work that reflected SJUR’s signature music style. We started experimenting with different colors and shapes, and found that waves resembled the tropical feel and flow of the music perfectly. It is composed by tropical and warm colors arranged in a comfortable configuration. The single name is embedded inside the “wave” to keep the flow uninterrupted.


Sjur is a Norwegian producer and EDM-artist. His catchy songs are becoming more and more popular, and his previous single, “You should let me love you” has millions of plays on Spotify. 

Sjur has now teamed up with international star Isac Elliot for his new single, and we are proud presenters of  the artwork for the new song

New Logo


In addition to the new single and the artwork, the record company Sony and Sjur himself was looking for a new way to brand the artist, so we also created a new logo.


The waves

Logo and visuals are widely used on cover arts and stage screens. The waves are also used as graphics when inviting to happenings and events.


Creative director: Bjørn Myreze
Cover: Mathias Birkeland
Art director: Mathias Birkeland
Logo: Benjamin Lauritsen

Online Portfolio: Luciana Thunem


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