About The process

Vidar Ruud had two choices. That is, just like everyone else, go for a successful career, buy a bigger house and collect pension points or, follow his dream and do what he loves the most, create music and then share it with the rest of the world. Vidar Ruud chose the ladder!

The result is his new album “Following Dreams”, under his artist name, Ruud. 13 songs right from his heart. 13 songs that spring from his full blooded musician’s soul. The cd’s title reflects the cutting edge of the experiences he has had in the three years since he quit his job in TV 2 and cast himself out into the unknown.
Myreze AS has produced Ruud’s latest music video for the song “Eternity”, which also has been commented and retweeted by Russell Crowe! The producer Christoffer Møgster, along with a fantastic team has managed to create something beautiful and unique, which even touched the artist Ruud to tears.

In addition to this music video team Myreze has produced a 30-second promotional video that is shown several times a day on Norwegian TV 2 during this summer.



Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Director: Christoffer Møgster
Producer: Eirik Odden
Photo: Martin Lavik Nygaard & Preben Wergeland Christensen
Lighting: Christoffer Møgster
Light: SK Teknikk
Editor: Chistoffer Møgster
Drone: Yngve Elde
Makeup: Seline RB
Production assistant: Kjersti Nicole Larsen & Lars-Kristian Nerbø






Behind The Scenes


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