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You’ve probably been in a situation where you’ve forgot the wine or movie you were recommended last week? With Recit, it’s already in your pocket.

Recit is a platform that simplifies the search for good quality – by making it easy and fun to give, receive and store genuine recommendations.
You can recommend anything! Books, articles, movies, shows, restaurants, activities, or just something you were satisfied with!

How it works

1. Recommend great experiences to friends, peers and family – by easily creating a rec-card.
2. Send it directly to someone who appreciate it!
3. Swipe right to store recommendations.
4. Swipe left to let recommendations go.
5. Check your wallet for friendly recommendations.
6. Flip card for more info.

We wanted to develop a simple, easy to navigate ui design, while still making it fun to use.

Our goal was that the brand would speak for itself, so we needed a strong brand ident.
The Recit frog was born, and he works as a mascot, a logo and so much more.

The frog works as a logo system, which can be pretty diverse – giving life and different characters to the logo. Different characters for different emotions. One who can represent joy and acceptance to the user, while the other one can represent denial or a negative respons – while still keeping the experience fun for the user.   



Art Director and Designer (app): Benjamin Lauritsen
Art director (film): Martin Lavik Nygaard
Animator: Mathias Birkeland
Online Portfolio: Luciana Thunem

It was a pleasure to work with such a creative team as Myreze. We shared our vision and how we imagined the concept, and their solution was spot on.
We are very satisfied with the result, and the entire prosess from beginning to the end.


Dan Endre Bigset

Founder/ CEO, Recit

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