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The song” Lifeline” tells a story of a personally experienced event that made a strong impact on Patrick.
The feeling of a true story needed to be shown through the visual arts in a music video.
As music and dance are so close to each other, especially on how to convey emotions, we started to flirt with the idea of basing the entire video on a strong dance.


A one-take music video requires compelling content that must also be real. The dance was the most important element for creating interesting visual images to the song. It was added enormous amounts of time to practice the dance, and to create a development within the song. It was also done research on sign language that became part of the choreography. This is so that the video itself should provide the same strong experience for those who can not hear music.


The dancer Frank Johnsen made his breakthrough as a professional dancer in Norway’s Got Talent “top 10” in 2012. He is one of the choreographers behind Mixmaster Cru and has an enormous talent when it comes to storytelling in dance.

The director Martin Lavik Nygaard and cinematographer Christopher Møgster worked closely together to create an atmosphere both visual and dramaturgical. Markus Skjærstad captured the moments with still photos during the shoot. He also doubled as a production assistant.

The video was completed in one recording without VFX or editing. 3 weeks of planning resulted in a choreography which was coordinated with the camera. The recording had to go effectively to reach the desired sunlight. After 12 takes everything finally came into place, and we had the perfect result.

The music video got 80,000 views on YouTube after the first week and the numbers are still rising.



Director: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Director of photogaphy: Christoffer Møgster
Production Assistant : Marcus Skjærstad
Choreography and dancer: Frankie J Johnsen
Online Portfolio: 
Luciana Thunem



The result speaks for itself. A one-take music video is rare to see these days.
MYREZE was able to capture the soul of the song and reframe it into a stunning motion picture.
This video speaks loudly to an audience around the world, at the same time as it carries important details to fit my personal brand as an artist.
Thank you for the chance to work together.

Patrick Jørgensen

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