Null Null Stress Music video

About The process

Over 200 people was involved when the music video for the song “Null Null Stress” was shot in the heart of Bergen. The Norwegian artists Kløverknekt and Skarre R even managed to close off a part of the City Centre in order to shoot the video that had its launch October 2nd in the largest cinema in Bergen.

“We let our creativity run freely but still based around a consept, everything they do creates chaos, but Kløverknekt and Skarre R has a total laidback vibe and just dont care.” Christoffer Møgster

About 100 dancers was involved when making this video. MixMaster Crew created the choreography which included a marching band and cheerleaders. In addition to the dancescene, it also features a chaos scene where Superman and a gorilla gets a few seconds of fame.



Director: Christoffer Møgster
Producer: Eirik Odden
Casting director: Mohammed Sarmadawy
Executive director: Jørgen Bertelsen
Photo: Øyvind Svanes Lunde
Lighting: Poul Iversen
Sound assistant: Knut Tore Veivåg
Camera assistant: Scott Moldred Duesund
Choreography: Frank Johnsen & Jørgen Johnsen
Make-up artist: Sarina Nepstad
Edit: Christoffer Møgster
Grading: Hans Heum
VFX: Martin Lavik Nygaard
BTS photo: John Gabriel Fløysand
BTS photo: Thor Haldorsen
BTS edit: Kjersti Nicole Larsen

Prod assistant:
Thorstein Matre Hansen
Jannicke Griffin Næsse
Marius Næss
Gunhild Bråthun Moe
Henriette Vindenes



Behind the scenes





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