NFF Quality Club

The NFF quality club maintains the mission of creating an active environment where soccer is in focus – posing challenges and presenting opportunities for people of all ages, emphasizing the importance of community within the sport and helping to encourage people, inspiring them to feel and doing their best whilst focusing on activity and values.

The Living Book

Myreze wanted to visualize this short film from a storytelling point of view. The animation is established around the idea of a book where its contents come to life as it reveals the book opens.

As we flip through the pages, we tell the story of the NFF Quality Club in a simplified approach, targeted towards the younger generation - with fresh bold colors and fun sound effects to give life to the story as various figures and characters pop up from the contents.

We chose a warm and friendly voice to tell the story of the NFF quality club where the script is used to fit the animation in the best way possible. The music used gives an uplifting feel to the animation, music that is gentle and simple with a recognizable melody that blends seamlessly with the voiceover.


The Work In Progress

Here you can see the process of how the narrative told through the animation was created. This includes the characters used and the book opening up and unravelling its pages to form various scenes telling the story.



A paper cut-out style of animation was used to show the children playing on a football-pitch along with the voiceover explaining the importance of the club being a venue where people can meet up and come together, invigorating the feeling of community as well as being a place to master your skills and make new friends, before closing its cover - beautifully ending the chapter of the tale being told.


Creative Director  —  Bjørn Myreze
Art  Director  —  Remi Vaage
Concept Development  —  Anja Helen Fagerli
Head of 3D  —  Remi Vaage

CG Artist  —  Jo Christian Figenschou
CG Artist  —  Tom Riise
CG Artist  —  Anders Borg
2D Artist  —  Benjamin Lauritsen
Edit/Grade —  Christoffer Møgster

Sound Design  — Alexander Ghalioungui
Voice  — Sollin Sæle
Script  — NFF
Script  — Anja Helen Fagerli
Script  — Joackim Bjørkmann


Bergen Media City
Lars Hilles Gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway