NCE Dream Factory

Following the incredible 10 year anniversary video that Myreze created for the NCE Media Cluster, Myreze received the opportunity to further show the cluster’s innovative accomplishments in 2020 through a fun and colorful animated video showing Bergen’s Media City building as a factory where dreams come true and where its foundation of thriving innovation is the driving force behind the country’s most advanced technologies and media solutions.


Centered in Bergen, NCE and its members call Media City Bergen (MCB) home. MCB is one of the powerhouses that drive the Norwegian media landscape forward and serves as an inspiring environment where its members are encouraged to collaborate and share knowledge on the latest advancements in media and technology on a daily basis. It is a knowledge and business center that combines media technologies, education & research facilities as well as two media centers all inside one technologically-groundbreaking building and is the first of its kind in Scandinavia.


The Animation

The project began with the innovators at NCE coming to us with an idea that was inspired by the Christmas cards we created for the cluster at the end of last year. The idea was to expand upon the celebration of the cluster’s achievements and to create a fun way to showcase MCB as an environment where great ideas are born, put into action and unleashed into the world. In a way, it's fair to say that MCB is a factory of sorts for ideas - Where its members are the quality ingredients and the facilities serve as the melting pot which mixes them together to create something truly groundbreaking.  To show this in a fun and effective way, our concept was to create an animation that shows MCB as a fun, cartoon-style animated factory where the cluster’s great innovations are rolled out as boxes being pressed onto moving production lines before being collected and utilized by the rest of the world. A large screen beside the production line then displays each respective member’s proudest moment of the year as they are pushed through the dream factory that is Media City Bergen.



As a member, the NCE cluster is near and dear to our hearts and it was an absolute pleasure to provide a solution for their biggest celebration in recent times. We wish NCE and the media cluster members a very Happy Birthday and a well deserved celebration for a decade of great achievements, non-stop innovation and a tightly-knit collaborative family that we can truly be proud of.


Bergen Media City
Lars Hilles Gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway