Nathalie Nordnes - America

About The process

Norwegian singer & songwriter Nathalie Nordnes song about America had to combine Bergen, Norway with New York.



Director: Björn Myreze
Producer Bergen: Ole Martin Rongved
Producer New York: Nils Ole Refvik
Starring: Peter Forde
DOP New York: Nils Ole Refvik
DOP Bergen: Øyvind Ganesh
Styling/Makeup: Fashionbirds
Costume designer: Jorunn Maria Djønne/Secondlove
Grip & Equipment: Varde Media
Motion GFX: Morten Fossøy

Project Details

  • Client: Nathalie Nordnes
  • Date: 12th of November 2011
  • Work: Direction, motion and post.



Behind the scenes


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