About The process


Identity is the key asset any TV and Motion Picture needs to portray in order to gain success and a unique brand. When developing our brand, we decided to illustrate what MYREZE is all about: a solid, precise and high quality branding agency.

The idea was to create an energetic and masculine machine inspired by the anatomy of clockwork. After three weeks of developing and texturing this machine, perfecting every detail, we animated a sequence of this innovative machine in action. This ident was created to demonstrate our expertise within the modelling, 3D animation and animation field. The project was the very first project developed by one of our new and talented motion artist and Myreze team player, Remi Vaage.

When pairing music and picture together, magic can happen. In order to achieve a lifelike clockwork animation, Frode Langhelle composed an energetic dub step sequence and added the final piece to the puzzle of the MYREZE brand ident.





Art Director & Concept: Björn Myreze:
3D Modelling & Shading/render: Robin Viken
Animator & Additional modelling: Remi Vaage
Music: Frode Langhelle
Tools used: Maya, 3D studio Max, Vray and After Effects.









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