Myreze Ident - M

About The process

The first thing that welcomes you when visiting this page, is our Myreze superhero character which we have built our brand around.

Supergeeks was an expression we internally in the team fooled around with, because our Creative Director Björn Myreze had a newspaper article out three years ago titled “Revenge of the supergeek” – He also regularly affiliated himself with the term supergeek before this article.

So with that in mind we built the whole Myreze identity around the concept, the “M” brand is a symbol of trust, quality and superhuman dedication towards delivering on budget and on time. Every employee associateed with the brand has to have these traits. This ensures our clients that their project is in good hands in terms of quality, budget and time spent.

We re-framed the term “Supergeek” with the brand “M”. We wanted these idents to be fun and not Self-righteous, “M” had to have that touch of self-irony that made the whole superhero theme funny. “M’s” character traits was to look awesome, be cool, but also be a clumsy “Johnny Bravo”. “M” is not afraid to dive into new and exciting challenges


Creative Director: Bjørn Myreze
Art Director: Bendikt Myklebust
Animation Supervisor: Remi Vaage
CGI & Animation Artists:  Jo Christian Figenschou & Remi Vaage
Post Production: Bendikt Martin Myklebust
Concept Artist: Benjamin Lauritsen
Concept: Tormod Lerøy

Early Look development tests

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