The client

One of the main requirements when branding Monifair was to create an adaptable and personified symbol that can be widely used. A playful identity with a versatile design to communicate a value common everyone: Fairness

The client wanted an identity to hold an engaging and solid personality. An adaptable brand to express the many aspects of Monifair.

Illustrative icons

Illustrations can transform a brand, in communication an image can tell you more than thousand words and communicate what copy and typography cant. We chose to use illustrations in the branding of Monifair when telling their story. Illustrations allows an instant emotional connection that surpass language barriers.

The logo

The creative team of Myreze started developing concepts and soon after they landed on the new Monifair logo.Our approach to the Monifair brand was to figure out a way to express it’s personality through it’s “m“ symbol. Fair and square
Meaning: Honest and straightforward, especially of business dealings. The logo has become more than just a logo. It’s a personification of everything Monifair is about – projected through a smart, friendly and relatable avatar.

Brand personality


Early sketches


Logo reveal

User Interface 


We designed a playful and eye-catching animation based on a personified icon to convey the Monifair brand message.


App Icons

Fair needs no justification. Fair is a feeling. Fair is many things to many people, we all have a relationship with fairness. 
A value common to all people everywhere, wherever you are despite our differences fairness is a common currency. Its obvious to bring fair into focus in all our communications.

Client, Monifair


Creative Director: 
Kent Løset
Art Direction/Design
Benjamin Lauritsen
Madeleine Granberg
Martin Lavik Nygaard
Mathias Birkeland 
Project manager:
Smriti Pillay

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