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Our task this time when working with MBC (The Middle East largest Broadcasting Network), was to create an explosive, eye-catching and unique opener based on the already established brand and colour pallet of Pro Center. 

The main goal when developing this concept was to show that the football player and the football as a sport has multiple aspects. We chose to portray this by diving under the surface into a universe where we have created a football planet which explodes into a football from the power of a kick.

The direction of the lightning bolt, from viewer to center of the screen, symbolises the common direction and call for attention. As the lightning arcs out we are treated to a bumpy ride. The game is set to start. As the hexagons separate from the surface, it is the players and the spectators we see.

The explosive action of the further scenes represent the action on field, the footballers being stars, as well as how the stars as stadium lights frame the game itself as a great spectacle. As the glowing football scores a goal by breaking the net of stars we are all winners when we watch the sport we love on ProCenter.

Alongside epic and energetic music the visual and sound becomes a strong team complimenting each other in a harmonic and efficient way. The football and the feelings this sport brings out is the passion both viewers and players share.




Client: MBC Pro Sports
Program title: Pro Center
Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Art Director: Bendikt Myklebust
Head of 3D: Remi Vaage
CG Artist: Jo Figenschou
CG Artist: Anders Borg
Music: Dreamscores

Great results from an incredible team and company.  We had a few challenges with a very short deadline but it turned out amazing at the end.

Fadi Radi

Head of Graphics at Middle East Broadcasting Corp, MBC


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Like what you see ?