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We recently shot an innovative and creative music video for the fresh and talented Norwegian artist Line Dybdal. The song tells a story about how there always is a woman behind every man, the video portrays men being ruled and controlled by women “I tell my boyfriend that I´ve programmed him”, she sings with a cheeky smile.

We came up with the idea of Line controlling dancing men, dogs, a bikerider and a firefighter like string puppets. Next thing you know; her fiancé puts on a skin tight one piece in gold and starts dancing while a firce woman in black heels is splashing ice cold water at him with a fire hose. Is this proof that women have the upper hand in a relationship?
Line is well known for her band «Pink Robots» – winner of «Urørt» 2010. The song is produced by Morten Abel and Børge Fjordheim.
 As a final but important element to the video, one of the graphic designers in the MYREZE team has inserted advanced 3D elements to the video: Animated strings from her marionettes attached to the characters, but also abstract artistic elements such as mirrors and crystals. These spectacular effects creates depth and original touches that brings the whole video together, the result, an innovative and fluorescent masterpiece.


Director: Björn Myreze
Producer: Svein Arild Vatsø
Photo & light: Poul Iversen
B-photo: Nils Johan Nesse
Light: SK Teknikk
Light assistent: Eirik Odden
Editor: Christoffer Møgster
VFX: Stefan Björn
Makeup: Katie Mua Ivarsøy
Location scout: Kim Ove GrenbyCAST

11 dogs from: 7 Mountains Husky
Dogwatcher #1: Geir Johansen
Dogwatcher #2: Toril Wiik Johansen
Dogwatcher #3: Linn Beate Sejrup Riley
Drummer: Geo Pardalos
Bicycle: Thomas Aasen
Tricker #1: Fredrik Wingsternes
Tricker #2: Joakim Haukedal
Dancer #1: Siri Black Ndiaye
Dancer #2: Kjersti Nicole Larsen
Dancer #3 Per Helge Helgesen
We want to thank:
Bontelabo Bergen
SK Teknikk
Sparebanken Vest
7 Mountains Husky
Behind the scenes: Martin Lavik Nygaard



Behind the scenes


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