About the process

Kolon is a new private school in Bergen designed for those who wants to improve their grades in order to get their dream job or education. We branded and designed the whole profile including the visual profile, logo, merchandise, adverts and more. The idea behind the concept was based on their name “Kolon” which means the sign: Colon. We wanted to present the school with a playful and colorful color pallet. We incorporated the dots of Colon in the logo, we used colorful dots alongside black dots in order to show that the school stands out from the crowd.



Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Art Director: Bendikt Myklebust
CG Artist: Tom Riise
Designer: Benjamin Lauritsen
Designer: Mathias Birkeland

Designer: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Designer: Mats Hope
Photographer: Jakub Kaminski
Photographer: Chris Norm
Photos/video Kolon building:
Markus Skjærstad
Video edit and voice: Joackim Bjørkmann
Online portfolio: Anja Helèn Fagerli

We are thrilled to work with such a professional branding company as Myreze. They exceeded all our expectations as we both have the mindset of innovative thinking and goals of creating something unique, as a result, the brand of Kolon has become a reflection of who we are.

Rita Helleseth

One of the founders, Kolon

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Double exposure photos

We used double exposure on the photos for the Kolon brand in order to create a interesting expression where we can illustrate the endless possibilities within the human mind.

The Kolon building

When branding the building we used a combination of photos and the logo in different variations.

The team

KOLON started up by five driven and very talented ladies with a positive vibe and passion about education and youth. By starting KOLON they have done what they encourage you to do – to find YOUR own way. Kolon have more than 30 years experience in education and training which has given them the ability to think out of the box. KOLON is therefore a flexible service tailored towards each individual needs. Their vision makes them a progressive and brave provider of expertise.

Logo animation

The logo is versatile and works as a puzzle which makes it easy to animate. We realized we could actually use the K the L and the N together with the dots to spell the name.


Merchandise gallery

Social media banners

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