About The process

Kaizers Orchestra decided to do a final graphical profile for their last tour. After over a decade as one of the biggest bands in Norwegian history they wanted something grand and circus-like. Thats why we constructed this abstract world inspired by old circus elements. 



Art Director & photographer: Björn Myreze
DOP: Bendik Teigene
Camera assistent: Bendikt Myklebust

  • Client: Kaizers Orchestra
  • Date: 6th of September 2013
  • Skills: Photography, Design, Photoshop, 3D



As you see, Kaizers are leaving this world but still attached to it bu this chaine. Violeta (the little girl) are about to cut all strings.

One wide and one posterversion of the image was made. Both where used on bigscreens on their final tour as well as banners, TV etc.

The lead singer Janove Ottesen is of course in charge of the whole thing riding this raven.


This is the first sketch based on me and Terje Vinterstø’s idea where elements from all Kaizers covers where about to be reused. As you can see all elements where build in 3D with a high range of details. To be able to plan the shoot I had to model all the guys in position and then camera-map them on top.


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