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This is a combined advertising campaign for Bergen Bowling, and the release of the newest music video for norwegian artist Eric Odeen.

It all started when Bergen Bowling wanted us to do a commercial for them.
They wanted to show their audience that this is the most attractive place to go for socializing. The challenges we were given, was to make a standard bowling alley into an entertainment place, in addition to showing what else they offer beyond bowling.

The idea of combining the commercial with the shooting of a music video, originated early in the planning process.
We realized we could stretch this much further. 
That is why we involved Eric Odeen, to write a song that emphasizes the idea of this being the place to hang out. With a song in the pop genre, it was extra fun to combine a feelgood commercial with the making of a music video.

Professional dancers began choreographing, the band began to practice for the performance, and the crew worked feverishly to fill the video with exciting content.
The recording was done in two intensive and effective days.

The commercial / music video was mainly produced by the dynamic MYREZE-duo Martin Lavik Nygaard on directing, and Christoffer Møgster on camera.

Everybody involved went into production with one goal, and that was to make such a feelgood commercial, that people would flock to Bergen Bowling to socializing and fun.

The result of the shoot is a great music video with a catchy song that doubles as a promotional film for Bergen Bowling. We also made shorter versions to promote the song release.

In addition to video material, we gave Bergen Bowling a new look in the bowling alley. 

Our graphic designers made an awesome wall painting, that is used as a background in the video. We also designed the new graphics for the bowling lanes.

MYREZE has delivered a strategy for Bergen Bowling and Eric Odeen for the release of this campaign. We have produced promo materials for the launch, and to create awareness in social media. Graphics were also produced to both Eric Odeen and Bergen Bowling’s public channels in line with the release, the advertising film and album cover.

For Eric´s web page, check out our design here:

MYREZE also created the album art for the song, which appears on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Behind the Scenes

Gallery of the cast and crew on production day



Director: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Director of photogaphy: Christoffer Møgster
1st Assistant Camera: Mathias Birkeland
1st Assistant Director: Julie Wilhelmine Helgaas
Lighting: Jørgen Bertelsen
Set design: Catharina Wolff Halvorsen
Makeup artist: Kristin A. Krogh Sissener
Wall painters: Alexandra M Navas HasfjordAndrea Shepherd Sandvik and Sandra Charlotte Tveit
Costume: KALDT
Guitarist – Eric Odeen Band: Sondre Bjånesøy
Bassist – Eric Odeen Band: Jeroshan Daniel Alexander
Drummer – Eric Odeen Band: Håkon Sørstrønen Skarding

Choreographers: Frankie J JohnsenHenrik Nordin
Nerds: Daniel Fagerlid AndreassonEirik HobækMarianne S. AmundsenMadelen Kausland HagaCarmen Bjørg Gómez Svanes
Girls: Christine RoksvågSara Iden (Bahia), Anne Sofie SagosenSolveig Bergan Grimstad
Bullies: Sebastian LilleskareAnders Fagerli, Gabriel Amundsen
Seniors: Benjamin Aanes, Banele Mgwaba, Paul Andre Hasund, David Alexander HoleHans Kristian Artos Andersen
Princesses: Tiril Schrøder, Marte Lunde, Julia Hesthamar Hauge, Vilde Kristin Nygaard Kårbø, Sofie Juell Lunde

Thanks to
Bergen Bowling, SK Teknikk, Bright

Online Portfolio: Luciana Thunem



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