Hanne Krogh
A Magical Moment

Every year, when wintertime comes around and people gather to watch movies and listen to the music that reminds them of the joy the season brings. For some, this can be an annual tradition that they hold with family and friends. One of those timeless classics that people love to come together to experience is hanne Krogh. Her concerts make this season feel like a true winter wonderland with the whimsical atmosphere that her singing brings

However, the unique warmth that she is able to bring to her concerts never seems to be truly represented with that same emotion in any of her previous promotional posters. Luckily, we were given the opportunity to change that. To bring the harmony of her performances through the seasonal posters. The challenge presented was to piece together a poster that stands out and up to par with the standards of current times.

The concert would stay the same but with a new cover with a modern touch to show it off.

What we decided to do was to give it more of a personal touch. Everything aside from the text and the background (the northern lights and mountains) was all drawn beautifully by hand. The concept they wanted us to strive for was something similar to the poster for the 2018 release of the “Beauty and The Beast”, and for it to express the same raw emotion and sense of wonder. We went with the idea of infusing Hanne Krogh in focus with Johnny Logan in the backdrop.

We later added certain elements to the poster that we felt would guarantee an atmosphere of fantasy. One of those elements was a homage to the movie “Reisen til julestjernen”, which is a Norwegian movie that she herself was a part of but unknown for. To do this we added a beautiful castle behind her image and also having the star as a focal point in the final result. Another detail is the show which had a thick and gentle appearance, as well as the northern lights to pay tribute to Norway and it’s incredible scenery. We made sure that the colors were of an intriguing, mystical nature as opposed to using harsher tones.

This project was completed with very few people, an artist to draw the poster and three editors finishing the final piece of with text in the backdrop. 

The result is truly something magical.

The Process

Here's a slideshow showing how we went from iteration to iteration, from the first rough composition draft to the final result.


Creative Director  –  Kent Løset
Artist  –  Madeleine Granberg
Editing  –  Mathias Birkeland
Editing  –  Christoffer Møgster
Editing  –  Mats Hope


Bergen Media City
Lars Hilles Gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway