About The process

Freedome Trampoline Park is an international concept, and has recently opened their first park in Stavanger, Norway. Freedome is ready to expand to other Norwegian cities. The promo material they use is from Freedome HQ, but the Norwegian owners wants material for Social Media that has a more local feel to it. They wanted to accentuate their customers, the kids, the local “trampoline-stars”. And by doing so, invite the local community to visit them more freequently.


As Freedome is not just a Trampoline Park, but offers a number of concepts, we came up with the idea of making a number of short, action-packed films, about 15-30 seconds. Each film tells the story of a concept at Freedome. The colours are vibrant, and the editing is playful. It is perfectly timed with the music, giving the films a music video-feeling to them.
The films are ment to be used on Facebook, Instagram, monitors in the trampoline park, and Youtube.

With a small team of three, we spent two days at Freedome filming the different concepts. In these two days we met hundreds of happy visitors, ready to be stars! The Freedome-team was amazing, and helped us make the filming seamless. We really enjoyed our days at Freedome, and can´t wait to go back!




Producer and project manager: Luciana Thunem
Director: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Editing and grading:
Christoffer Møgster

Online Showcase: Luciana Thunem


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