3D Scan - Norwegian Football team


Ada Hegerberg



About The process


Norges Fotball Forbund wanted a brand new way to present their football players and inspired by traditional playstation games we wanted to try out to actually 3D scan the whole team. To 3D scan the Norwegian Football teams turned out to be an incredibly versatile asset as this meant several advantages.


Already at 16 I have been lucky to experience a lot of exciting photoshoots, but this shoot in particular was something unique and revolutionary!

Martin Ødegaard

Professional football player, Real Madrid Castilla


Martin Ødegaard


Versatile usage of 3D scans

The 3D scan could be used for presentation in realtime graphics and studios, 3D print of the players for usage in physical studios and animation.


With the help of the brilliant guys from Dimention 10 we set up a rig of 180 cameras and took photos of all the female and male football players for the Norwegian football teams.


Behind the scenes


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Client: NFF & UMC
Producer UMC: Eskil Andreassen
Concept and director: Björn Myreze
Shoot by: Dimention 10
Head of 3D: Remi Vaage
3D Artist: Jo Figenschou & Anders Borg
Shoot by: Dimention 10
Aerial footage: Magic Air
Presentation Editor: Kjersti Nicole Larsen
Music: ANEEA www.aneea.com





Screenshots from the Female team





Screenshots from the Male team



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