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About The process

Myreze presented a unique concept for the Norwegian company Virke. Virke strives to be evident and creative in the way they express themselves. This was our main focus when planning the concept and their message that joint efforts produce great results.

Gameboard using cubes as building blocks

Together we created a playful and distinct universe where Virke´s message is the center of attention. As a representative of many different industries, it was a challenge to show the totality of reality. So we chose to simplify the message by basically showing a gameboard built using cubes. The cubes are building blocks with rush graphics. In addition we used populated surfaces with figures in movement and buildings from different industries.

Mountains and fjords represent challenges.

In order for the items on the board to flow better, we built the tunnels and bridges on the building blocks. These improvements represent cooperation and the historical improvements that are made to help the Norges demographic and topographic challenges. This development takes place while we are watching, as more and more items are creating better flow.

Virke creates solutions, builds bridges and tunnels

Wherever the Virke character moves, changes occur. Where there were obstacles before, Virke creates solutions such as bridges and tunnels. The serious expression goes hand in hand with the playful universe. All interactions in the film, the transitions when the terrain changes and movements of the figures shows the fact that Virkes work a joint project and not competitive work between individuals.

The large Virke-figure which moves into the landscape are helping to facilitate and assist with change. By changing the color, texture, and by inserting new pieces and new faces of the cubes can we completely transform expression and information surfaces by some simple changes in terrain.

The package represent Virke as an entirety 

The ending is particularly important for the concept. A place where everyone meets. Virke remain a facilitator for this community. A supporter. The package that appears at the end is an excellent presentation of the complete service Virke delivers, but also a visual representation of the Virke community that has been the main theme for this film.


Creative director: Björn Myreze
Director: Preben Wergeland Christensen
Co-director: Martin Lavik Nygaard
3D-artist: Remi Vaage
Lead 3D-artist: Jo Christian Figenschou
Texture artist: Anders Borg
Pre-production: Bendikt M. Myklebust
Concept and Script: Tormod R. Lerøy
Sound Design: Sam Marriott
Voice Artist: Kjetil Sviland

Photo: Björn Myreze and Kjetil Sviland, Communication director for Virke



Storyboard and concept



Studio test



Conceptual work



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