About The process

Myreze has delivered the vignette for Encyclopedia, which is a a book show. We were tasked with creating an opener for an intellectual show focused on books, and debates about current events. Famous guests are invited to share their stories and works.


“Finding the correct shade of paper turned out to be crucial for finding the look we were after, to much detail and the frame appeared dirty and blurred, to little and the piece lost all of its character. And knowing how to render it so the post processing tools can work its magic is an artform in and of itself.” Jo Christian Figenschou – 3D Artist

As the book opens a ship materializes from within the pages, revealing a world of waves and wind made from strips of paper. The images and action is contained between the covers, and making this fit in a convincing manner was surprisingly tricky, and a very interesting challenge.

“We had created a lot of extra content, including a maelstrom the ship had to navigate away from. It took two days to set up, plus numerous iterations of the scene. Unfortunately we had to cut it because, due to the time constraints of the vignette, it completely ruined the pacing” -Jo Christian Figenschou – 3D Artist



Creative director: Björn Myreze
Concept developer: Tormod Lerøy & Anja Fagerli
3D Artist: Jo Christian Figenschou
Animation: Remi Vaage
Music by: Dreamscores – Raymond Enoksen


The concept was developed in stages. The program itself went through some changes during the process, so we had to make adjustments accordingly. Several versions of the storyboard were created until we finally agreed on the current version. A broader exploration of reading as a voyage of the mind had to be condensed into the narrow timeframe of a vignette, and we delivered a strong concept and an excellent execution.

The scene is set with the opening of a book. An old style, leatherbound tome containing mystery and knowledge. The viewer’s journey begins when the ship sets sail on the pages, where words flow like water and the winds of the imagination fills the ship’s sails.”

-Tormod R. Lerøy – Concept Developer



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