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Together with TV 2 and their production team Myreze have created a visually agile solution for the 2015 election opener.

We composed carefully selected footage into a short journey showing scenes from Norway’s geography and scenes relevant to regional politics. Then we created an animated framework for political space based on the basic design of the Valg 2015-logo.

As the animation moves over the footage we establish the dividing lines in politics, and through colour-wipes we show how the parties approach issues differently.

The dividing lines and colouring are used to make clear the individual and party-politicial differences in the national debate, while the vignette as a whole is value neutral and aims to showcase the diversity in our community.

At the end we are left with the logo and “Valg 2015”, an elegant summary of the democratic process in Norwegian local government.




Client: TV 2
Program title: Valg 2015
Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Director: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Edit & Grade: Christoffer Møgster
Motion Artist: Preben Wergeland Christensen
Sound Design: Frode Langhelle
Foto: Varde Aerial
Producers at TV 2: Eivind Netland, Christer Hellen & Michael Allen

TV 2 had plans ready for production of the opener for the election in 2015, but faced some major issues only one week prior to deadline. We contacted Myreze in order to assist us in completing this project, and they came to the rescue on short notice. We are extremely happy with the result.

Eivind Netland

Producer, TV 2


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