About the process

Disruptive Technologies is the developer of the world’s smallest commercial-grade wireless sensors. They needed a video presentation of their sensors and the genius ecosystem that connects their data to any platform. MYREZE and Disruptive Technologies worked closely together creating a script, that later was complemented with visually appealing 3D renders of their products and solutions.


Storyline and 3D scenes produced for Disruptive Technologies by MYREZE

Creative Director: Kent Løset
Story outline: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Script: Ingrid Williams, Disruptive Technologies
Storyboard: Madeleine Granberg
Live Action: Disruptive Technologies
2D Animation: Disruptive Technologies
Head of 3D: Remi Vaage
3D compositing, Transitions and Simulations: Daniel Liljar
3D scene (Wireframe building): Øyvind Engevik
3D scene (Outside building): Jo Christian Figenschou
3D scene (Pipes with sensors): Daniel Liljar, Karoline Holm.
3D scene (Globe): Anders Borg

Myreze are great to work with. They are really artful and go the extra mile to create something stunning, as well as being professional

Alexander Jayko Fossland

Disruptive Technologies

We spent a lot of hours in making details for the 3D renders. Some key elements that were important was how the atmosphere and the particles in the scenes makes the environments realistic. Lightings and the work with color palettes was also important to convey the extreme situations the sensors can handle. Screws and rust on pipes were all hand drawn and even if the level of details is high, these scenes would also work in real-time for games or live broadcasts.

The film started out with a script that were closely put together by the MYREZE team and Disruptive Technologies. By having such a close collaboration we managed to blend the details in the technology and the cinematic story to create an understandable script, both verbally and visually.


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