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To describe “Dansken & Fingern”, you can visualise the following ingredients into a mixing bowl: Jackass, Tom & Jerry, Batman and Robin, Sin City and a lot of humour. Place them in Norway and “Dansken & Fingern” is born. This is a show with no rules, anything can happen, the only mission they have is to compete to be better than the other in everything. 

They wanted a visual design inspired by traditional computer games who reflects the content of the show which is why we chose to design a gaming universe where they compete against each other.

Their car embedded with their logo in front, plays an important role in the show, therefore we chose to incooporate this car into the opening title.

In addition to the opener and logo, we also designed all on-air graphics and shot about 2000 still photos in order to create the expression of the opener in a stop-motion design.




Creative Director &
Björn Myreze
Art Director: Stefan Björn
Bendikt Martin Myklebust
Preben Wergeland Christensen
Music: Dansken & Fingern
Sound design: Stian Sælen



We had a blast working with MYREZE on this project, we are super happy with the opener and graphics which in an incredible way manage to reflect the mission of the TV show.

Thomas «Fingern» Gullestad

Dansken og Fingern

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Like what you see ?