COVID 19 has changed the way society works in almost every way, from remote working situations to fundamentally changing how retailers interact, with their customers using creative solutions such as virtual reality becoming an increasingly popular component in the everyday customer experience. That's exactly what car manufacturer CUPRA decided to do for their 4th year anniversary by having their first ever digital convention. Their aptly named eGarage was designed to serve as the perfect virtual showroom that showcased CUPRA’s latest products and Myreze had the privilege to be a part of it.


The Stage

In collaboration with Visyon360, Myreze designed a state of the art virtual stage that served as the base from which all the conferences’s AR graphics would emerge and be showcased. The various products are displayed on top of a virtual timeline running along the stage for smooth transitions between each model being shown. When showing a model, the animated stage reveals its hexagonal column structure as it falls away before the timeline stretches out across the stage. Racing lies in Cupra’s DNA, so it was only fitting to have a hyper focused look for the stage and timeline element. The virtual graphics shown range from simple graphs to life size 3D models of the vehicles themselves, offering a  great product experience for the viewers. This special presentation also featured CUPRA’s announcement of their collaboration on a hybrid powered yacht together with De Antonio Yachts. Model created by Myreze. After the main event, the fun continued with The CUPRA Master Challenge, an immersive quiz experience that allowed more than 1000 participants to take part in an exciting live contest using real-time communication.



Myreze is honoured to have been part of CUPRA’s incredible third year anniversary and is happy to have had the privilege of working with the great team at Visyon360 for making the event possible. We wish CUPRA all the best in the exciting world of virtual reality moving forward!


Bergen Media City
Lars Hilles Gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway