About The process

November 2014 , we started a collaboration with Norways biggest mobile phone company, Chess. Together with Chess and MK we have developed a concept for promotional webfilms and animation.

The idea was to delicately transform the message of the brand in short webfilms. We started brainstorming ideas incorporating the characteristic colours and shapes of the Chess brand. We wanted to create something original and visually interesting to draw attention to the customers within the first few seconds. We decided to shoot the web films with 360 camera, which is something thats never been done in commercials before. To create identity to the Chess products, we casted people who could best represent the statement of the different products. We decided to go for black and white grading at the visual material in order to make the Chess logo and animation colours stand out.




Produced for Chess by Myreze & MK
Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Director: Martin Lavik Nygaard
CG Artist: Jo Figenschou
Motion Designer: Preben Wergeland Christensen
Designer: Benjamin Lauritsen
Producer: Eirik Odden
Sound Design: Frode Langhelle



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