About the process

The Norwegian company Grip Group develops smart kitchen aids.
Their vision is to sell their products internationally, and offer smart products to make everyday life easier as in the kitchen. They wanted a short TV commercial for the international launch of their first product, the BABETTE.
In addition to the film, they also needed pictures for the launch.

The challenge when making an international TV-commercial is to reach the target group, as the languages and cultures are different. What this target group has in common is that they are trend setters, and they are curious about new products and trends in home and design. The commercial also has to show the three most important qualities of the BABETTE.

1. That it can be used as storage for the ladle when cooking
2. Show how the lid still fits the cooking pot when the BABETTE is attached
3. Show the convenience of serving the pot and the BABETTE together, to keep the food warm


We chose to stage a nice dinner where the guests appears to be within the target group. We brought out a short sequence in the story where the three functions mentioned above where highlighted.
As this is a new product, it is important that the BABETTE is visible in every frame. There was also a need for an identity, so we made a recognizable jingle based on the product, and its sounds.


Behind the Scenes

Gallery of the cast and crew on production day


Director: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Producer: Eirik Odden
DOP: Christoffer Møgster
3D: Ole Martin Volle
B-photo: Mathias Birkeland
Makeup: Kristine Krogh Sissener
Online Portfolio: Luciana Thunem



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