About The process

In collaboration with Statoil we branded a brand new TV show called “Årets talent” The concept behind the opener for Årets Talent was built around a “frozen-time” universe where the camera moves through a scene of football moments frozen in time.

Because of this; we concluded that the groundbreaking and exciting 3D scan technology we have worked with for some time would be perfect to capture these moments and feelings, as well as giving a beautiful touch to the whole look of the opener.


The show focuses on upcoming talents, we decided to scan young and promising talents to better unite the opener with the contents of the show.


Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Director: Christoffer Møgster
Art Director: Bendikt Myklebust
Edit & Camera: Christoffer Møgster
Head Of 3D: Remi Vaage
3D Design: Jo Christian Figenschou
Texturing: Anders Borg
Compositing: Bendikt Myklebust
Additional Design: Benjamin Lauritsen



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