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Claustrophobic dust swirls up when ALDEMA turns on the electrical switch in a dark basement. Guitars cut up the void and leaves splinters of analog noise while heavy drums dance under a haunted Rhodes piano. Spherical soundscapes and creeping soft vocals interweave and creates a unique sound that ranges from delicate to skewed and edgy. The music emphasises the contrast in the desire of breaking free from boundaries, but not being able to. The darkness lights up when ALDEMA and her crew take you deep below the surface.

Myreze has created a complete branding package for ALDEMA and her new album “Dark Dew”. She decided to go for a traditional vinyl look with a colour profile of black, grey and delicate details of red. We wanted the design and brand to reflect the artists style of music and to create something original and unique. The complete package contained logo, social media designs, itunes branding, merchandise and posters.

I wanted to create a visual experience that had elements of retro 50s jazz to it and modern electronica.

– Art Director Bendikt Myklebust

Myreze managed to portray and grasp my style of music and personality into a complete package.




Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Art Director: Bendikt Myklebust
Photo: Björn Myreze
Showcase: Anja Helèn Fagerli

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