At Myreze we follow our instinct when faced with impossible challenges. Breaking from tradition to develop your idea into vision that connects with your audience seamlessly. This is our development process.


Myreze follows instinct when faced with the impossible, thriving off it. Being bold, transforming challenges into solutions: Breaking from tradition, realizing and developing your idea of the future so you can connect with your audience.


Brief & Kickoff

Before we start a project, our team engages in a kickoff meeting where we learn about your business to define them and set a goal for the project. This information is then compiled into a creative brief.


Once the creative brief is complete our team will initiate a direction for development. We then maintain close dialogue with the client throughout the concepting process and once completed, we pitch our idea - If approved, we then move into pre-production.


Our team compiles all notes and ideas into a script that conveys a vision effectively together with our mood boards and style frames.


Scripts, mood boards and style frames are then sent to our storyboard artist for visual interpretation.The artist then assembles various versions of the project vision in collaboration with our creative lead.


Design production begins based on earlier pitch, script, mood boards, style frames and final storyboard. Our designer interprets each reference carefully and crafts the final design to the desired vision.


The resulting design is then sent to our team of animators where they begin the Animatics  phase - a crucial point in the production process as this is where we set the camera as well as its primary paths and movements. 


After the rendering is completed, we colour correct the grading and add additional effects to each moving image. This is carefully conducted through either a complex compositor or the real-time engine.


We carefully pack our final productions at the desired output formats of the client’s choosing and is ready to be used on the go!


Bergen Media City
Lars Hilles Gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway