7 Questions (Between 7 Mountains) #Episode 2 with Fredrik Saroea

🌄Why is there so many creative talents in Bergen, Norway?🌄

Every week we have 7 questions for a new guest between 7 mountains. Bergen, a small and creative place in Norway is surrounded by 7 mountains and a-lot of creative people. We wonder how they have managed to reach out to the world from this tiny little rainy place.

Our second guest is the one and only Fredrik Saroea, the multi talent also know as mr Datarock!

For those who love Podcast, check out the podcast version here: https://podcast.myreze.com or just search for 7 Questions Between 7 Mountains on Apple Podcast.

We had strict rules for this show, 7 Questions between 7 Mountains within 15 minutes... But this time we just needed a few more minutes 😉

The show was made using Unreal Engine and Zero Density!