Welcome to Between 7 Mountains, the bite-sized talk show that explores the journeys of Bergen's most accomplished local talents who have successfully expanded their work into the international market..

#8 - Anja/ANEEA

Todays guest is a fascinating singer/songwriter who has travelled the world and entertained audiences both live and virtually with her work in merging music with technology. Having many of her songs enjoyed by millions around the globe on hugely successful game titles such as “Just Dance” selling over 25 million copies worldwide and being the first artist ever to have her music handpicked for the franchise among stars like Robbie Williams and Rihanna. Her career path has taken her from Norway to the UK to Los Angeles and Canada and now she is entering the future music scene with innovative real time technology backing her launch. So here to share her inspiring story and give some insight into the inner workings of the music industry - ANEEA.

#7 - Silje

Todays guest is Silje Marie Vallestad, a norwegian entrepreneur who is a true innovator in the business world and has since age 14 started a number of companies like Bipper Communication, which at one point launched the world's most used security app “bSafe”. Silje also has extensive experience in helping to build a better future for the world’s youth by co-founding incredible international organizations such as FutureTalks and the International Youth Organization.

#6 - SJUR

Today’s Bergen-based guest is SJUR, the majorly successful Norwegian DJ who has remixed huge hits for artists like Ed Sheeran and Pitbull, as well as producing original songs such as Let Me Love You and What I Do - Which together have amassed over 120 million streams worldwide and has accelerated his popularity to being one of Norway’s most in-demand DJ’s.

#5 - Dave Spilde

My guest this week is a Norwegian entrepreneur who has followed his dreams from the small city of Bergen - to the world's largest market for entertainment: Los Angeles, where he currently serves as CEO for Trollbound Entertainment.  He’s played a major role in digitalizing the entertainment industry and bringing Nordic talent to the forefront, so let’s speak to the man who’s making it happen - Dave Spilde.

#4 - Bent Skjærstad

This week’s guest is an experienced local journalist with a passion for people who has reported first hand on the biggest stories of recent years. From discovering what life in North Korea is truly like to being on the front lines of the wars in Syria - my guest has experienced some of the most extreme realities that exist in our world today.

#3 - HEDNÈ

Having studied at the McBride Magic and Mystery School and appearing on the hugely popular show Penn & Teller: Fool Us, it's safe to say Hedne knows a thing or two about influencing our minds. And through an elegant combination of sleight-of-hand trickery and psychological illusions, that’s exactly what he’s done. With over two decades of professional experience in the art of mystery and astonishment, It's no wonder my guest today has established himself as Norway’s #1 Magician.

#2 - Fredrik Saroea

Fredrik Saroea is the lead singer of Electronic Rock Band: Datarock, one of Norway's most internationally successful bands who have travelled the world with four successful studio albums under their belt and countless features in game titles like UEFA EURO and FIFA game franchises as well as commercials for major brands such as Apple and Coca Cola.

#1 - Björn Myreze

Why are there so many creative talents in Bergen, Norway? 

Our very first episode features an intriguing conversation with Myreze CEO: Björn Myreze as he talks about his creative beginnings, how he built his childhood dream that would become Myreze and his reasons as to why Bergen is the home of so many talented creatives.


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