Myreze has launched a brand new creative hub in the heart of Bergen. Myreze Empire is located in Sverres gate 3, close to Bergen cinema . Myreze has only existed in a year and a half now and has grown tremendously in a short timespan.


This creative building contains a recording studio in the basement, photostudio with facilities such as green screen and brand new photographic equipment. The photostudio is fronted by the high-end photographer Chris Norm and specialise in fashion photography, profile photos for businesses, product photography and much more.


On the second floor we have set up a new office and creative hub where freelancers have the opportunity to a rent a working space. This will be a place where creative people can meet, exchange ideas and make dreams reality. In addition, we have a beautiful backyard where we also have the opportunity to launch social events and client meetings.

Media Empire – The Crib from Bjørn Myhre on Vimeo.

The soundstudio will primary be used to create music in-house for Myreze projects for TV and film and voice-overs. In addition, we are planning utilise our in-house songwriters and producers to build exciting young talent in Bergen.