Myreze aims to give 60 million viewers a gentle Dubai awakening

Myreze have been given the task of rebranding the morning show on Al Arabiya, one of the largest broadcast companies in the Middle East.

This is not the first time Myreze cooperate with TV-companies in Dubai.When they saw what the Myreze team had accomplished with the 360 degree technique on behalf of customers like TV2, on their Sommertid program, as well as the mobile operator Chess, the choice fell on the Bergen-based company. Myreze went to Dubai, prepared for their hottest shoot yet.

As part of the kit they had two self-produced radio controlled cars with camera mounts, a drone, a Range Rover with an eight meter camera crans, and a crew of ten.


The conditions were scorching. Ramadan coincided with the shoot, and the team was challenged with actors who were fasting, not able to drink or eat during the daytime.

It is a challenge to work with a fasting cast. It forces us to split up the shoot, so that each individual actor does not have to stay out in the sun for extended periods of time. -Björn Myreze (Creative Director, Myreze)


The Morning Show-intro will spark the interest of early birds of the Middle East in a chirpy, dynamic and inspiring way.

The previous intro has been rolling across the screens for over 10 years, and has become part of people’s everyday routines. Creating something to stand the test of time, retaining some of the mood from the previous intro, as well as being a breath of fresh air, has been a tremendous job. -Fadi Radi (MBC)




To be chosen for this task is a big deal for a young company such as Myreze, considering that Al Arabyia is one of the most important broadcasting companies in the Arabic-speaking world.

It is a little like making a new intro for a Norwegian morning show, only this ones goes out to tens of millions of people all over the Middle East. -Tormod Lerøy (Concept Developer, Myreze)


Myreze were incredibly lucky during the shoot, and managed to capture fantastic locations and beautiful sunrises. They even managed to capture an actor doing a double 360 loop on a water jet-stream. He landed 20 cm from the boat. An intense action shot. Myreze were the first to use this technology for TV as part of their work with TV2 Sommertid last year, and they are the first to use it in the Middle East now.


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