“Neste Sommer” was nominated for Gullruten which is the biggest TV award show in Norway and Myreze had the privilege to do the graphics.  Being nominated amongst so many talented is a huge achievement for our newly established company.

This was the nominees in the comedy category.

Beste comedy: 

«Karl Johan»
«Thomas Giertsen: Helt perfekt»
«Neste sommer»

2015-05-09 19.31.52

2015-05-09 22.16.39

Luckily we had the best seats right in the front of the stage. With all of us wearing red and black, we got noticed and credited for the way we brand our company.



We did not win this time, but for us this evening was still a huge success. We were well noticed as the whole Myreze team was dressed in our brand colours red and black. After the award-show we went to the celebrity afterparty at Scandic Ørnen. The night ended with a spectacular party at our Myreze office where we had about 100 people being the biggest Tv companies, production companies and TV personalities in Norway.



Mikael Hedne the talented illutionist did cardtricks and entertained the guests at the Gullruten party.


Some of the celebs who attended the Myreze after after party was: Thomas Numme  from Senkveld, John Carew, Ylvis,  Kollektivet and many more.

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Myreze was sponsored by Interoptic Bakketeig and wore these cool sunglasses at the Gullruten event.