April is soon gone, May is near and we are getting closer to summer. For us, April consisted of a lot of sports projects in collaboration with Ullevål Media centre, a creative music video with Datarock, animation of a new video for Acos, 3D printing and much more.

The larges project this month was an inspiring shoot for the new World Cup campaign for the Norwegian female football team.  We shot the video at the roof of this fascinating architectural building which is the  Opera house located the capital of Norway. The music is an uplifting pop song and to empower this expression, we  involved elements like a white horse, the Norwegian flag and of course with the Norways female football stars as the main focus. By using drones, we managed to achieve breathtaking video material showing some of the dazzling landscape in Oslo. We were lucky to have incredible weather this day, even though it was cold, we were blessed with clear blue skies and  sunshine.


Meanwhile in Bergen, our star photographer Chris Norm, took photos of the Brann football team.


Myreze has been collaborating with Datarock on a new and exiting project. This experimental and videogamelike music video is over an hour long and has gained a lot of attention in the international press. Fredrik, the guy to the right in this photo is the vocalist and creative brain of Datarock.

The Datarock musicvideo for the single/soundtrack “In E” is 30 minutes long and is created in collaboration with MYREZE, Turbo Tape Games, visual artist Birk Nygård (BN Visuals), and featuring graphic work by Christian Bergheim from Anti & Grandpeople and contains “footage” from the game “Full Cycle”.


We have a creative collaboration with the public library in Bergen, who let us print our very own logo in 3D. We also had the honour to do a speech about 3D printing in front of eager students.

3D scanning

This month we have collaborated with Ullevål Media Centre on several projects, one of them including scanning the Norwegian National Football team in 3D!