In collaboration with ANTI and TV2, MYREZE have delivered visuel elements to a new TV-show in Norway. “Mitt Dansecrew” is a TV show features Norwegian celebs who each have their own team of dancers and each week they battle for to keep their place in the competition in front of four judges.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 14.41.59

The 6 second ident is filmed on a greenscreen, where the TV host Stian Blipp, the two dance crews and the powder effect is shot separately then layered on top of each-other to create an interesting and eye-catching effect. In order to appeal to a young audience, we decided to incorporate a lot of strong colours and movement. We decided to create this by having the dancers create fun shapes and movement and by adding a coloured powder layer in the background.

“This has been a great project with high ambitions. Working with Anti is just fantastic, they have delivered a extremely strong concept that we translated into moving images” – Björn Myreze

Screenshot 2015-02-05 14.46.01

To produce 6 seconds of TV takes a lot longer than what you might think. Several weeks with intense planning from start to finish, but we are very proud of the end result. The TV host, Stian Blipp was a joy to work with he is very professional and positive which definitely is a winner in a project like this. The whole package includes visual element for the tv-show, digital boards and webbanners.