Trollbound Entertainment is a company developing film and television projects. They are founded on the idea that through local knowledge and relationships, both in the US and Scandinavia, they create exciting products for audiences to enjoy on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. Trollbound chose Myreze to rebrand their online presence and create a fresh and appealing brand. When developing the design of Trollbounds identity, Myreze focused on finding elements that portrayed this connection between Scandinavia and the US. Simplicity, a clean look and the selection of colours was important aspects to think about when incorporating the Trollbound mission statement and brand into this project. To bring the page to life, we illustrated the contrast between Scandinavia and US by creating a delicate time-lapse of Citylife in Los Angeles and the beautiful landscape of Scandinavia.

Hallgrim Haug and Dave Spilde visited our offices in Bergen to discuss our collaboration.

“When developing the logo, we wanted to capture Norway within the eye of a traditional Norwegian Troll to illustrate the magic of the Scandinavian majestic elements.” Björn Myreze

The Trollbound team has a diverse background in film, television, advertising, media and technology. Bendikt Myklebust worked with the online branding of Trollbound.

“Trollbound is a unique and versatile brand with a clear mission statement. Our job has been to illustrate an exclusive expression that reflects their brand identity.” Bendikt Myklebust

Here you can see the final result of thie Trollbound website: