Starting up your own company can be a huge challenge and responsibility. Most of the time, it takes a while to get established enough to put your company brand on the map. In spite of challenges, hard work and team spirit has paid off. Since starting up in early January, Myreze has already grown into a company with offices Bergen and Oslo, working with well established brands both nationally and internationally. It all started in January 2014 when Björn Myreze and Svein Arild Vadsø got together with an idea of starting up their own company within TV and Media branding. Björn has a background working for several media companies, amongst them TV2, the biggest Norwegian TV channel. When thinking back to the time he was hired to work for TV2, he believes that courage and drive were the key elements in his personality that landed him the job at the early age of 16.

Björn and Svein Arild met when working together on a music video for Madcon, with Svein Arild as producer and Björn as creative director. When finding a name for the company, “Myreze” was an easy pick for several reasons. Björn Myreze was already an established name in the business and this name would give a spin-off effect to create the buzz they needed.

We thought it would be a good idea to choose an abstract brand-name, a blank slate upon which to create an image, in addition we believe that Myreze is a brand name that sounds appealing internationally. -Björn Myreze

The branding of Myreze has been a top priority from day one. Branding is one of the most important key factors for recognition of the company and the entire customer experience. Every detail has been planned thoroughly, from the red colour, the logo resembling a superhero emblem and the themed office.

“We liked the concept of “Superheroes” and kept developing this idea.” -Björn Myreze

They opened their first office in Torgallmenningen 10, but quickly realised that their offices was too small for the growing company. November 1st 2014 they launched their brand new office in a top floor location in the city-centre of Bergen.
Myreze has always aimed to recruit young talents with drive and passion, as opposed to candidates with broad work experience and a traditional CV. The company now consists of 18 hard-working and creative spirits both in Bergen and Oslo.

We have seen that when given a chance to develop and grow within our company, these young talents can really blossom. -Bjørn Myreze

Myreze CEO Petter Trobe participates in the recruitment process and aims to always discover new talent.
His passions are leadership and personnel development. At Myreze each member of the team is encouraged to develop into the best version of themselves.

I consider myself an ambitious person with big dreams. I have a bachelor degree in HR and personnel leadership and was lucky to be recruited as the CEO of Myreze.
We are very proud of what our company has achieved in such short amount of time.  -Petter Trobe