The boy-band “The Main Level” has gained a lot of attention world-wide the last few months and have even been compared with the successful boy-band One Direction. When shooting the latest music video to their latest single “Go Go With You”, the police showed up and was wondering what in the world they were doing. The city of Bergen was in the middle of a terror threat and people had been advised to stay away from big crowds.

This particular single was picked out from no other than their fans. As they had a hard time picking what should be the single, they set up a facebook competition where 10 fans got to listen to the songs and give their personal opinion. They invited girls from all over Norway to visit their studio to listen to the songs and answer questions. The single that stood out was the song “Go Go With You”.

Here you can see the behind the scenes video:

The music video is shoot in a hangar owned by Bergen Air Transport and the rest is shot in a filmstudio. The director Mohammed Saramdawy wanted to portray a location where you get the feeling that they are going somewhere. Mohammed gathered had a huge crew with 25 people in total and The Main Level participated in many areas of the production in addition to performing in the video. Even the spacesuits you see in the video is actually handmade by the boys and the manager from The Main Level.