The contribution from Myreze AS to Raff Design-week is an exhibition of video presentations inspired by the city of Bergen.We wanted to present a new and improved city. A city with less traffic in the urban landscape, a greener expression, and more sights and attractions. We solved this by creating a 3-D mini-planet that could contain as many of these values as possible.Our BGO-02 presentation runs 24/7 for the entirety of the Raff week.

Raff Exhibtion Teaser from Myreze on Vimeo.

A major theme running through our exhibit is Bybanen. It represents the future of Bergen. In BGO-02, we wanted a light rail that could weave through the entirety of Bergen without ruining the beautiful scenery, attractions and homes in the city center.
We solved this by raising it, having it go under water and through the mountains.

The second part of the exhibition was an expression closer to the current reality. By using new camera technology and self-developed algorithms, we also created mini-earths from actual city life in Bergen.
One planet represents Bryggen as it is today, to bring attention to the discussions concerning the light rail’s route across the World Heritage site.
The second planet is a collage of hand-picked scenes from Bergen. We present the character of the city through parks, buildings and other unique landmarks.

Creating the exhibit required a wide range of knowledge and talent. The project consisted of several teams who worked closely together to effectively carry out the different tasks required, through various styles and methods.

The result is three wonderful video presentations, shown around the clock at Vestre Torggate 4 in Bergen.

First part:

BGO-02 – a part of Raff Design Festival in Bergen from Myreze on Vimeo.

Second part:

Byparken Globe from Myreze on Vimeo.

Bryggen Globe from Myreze on Vimeo.