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Media Empire launch

Myreze has launched a brand new creative hub in the heart of Bergen. Myreze Empire is located in Sverres gate 3, close to Bergen cinema . Myreze has only existed in a year and a half now and has grown tremendously in a short timespan. This creative building contains a...

360 degrees of morning

Myreze aims to give 60 million viewers a gentle Dubai awakening Myreze have been given the task of rebranding the morning show on Al Arabiya, one of the largest broadcast companies in the Middle East. This is not the first time Myreze cooperate with TV-companies in...

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Vi nærmer oss 2017 med stormskritt og vi vil benytte anledningen med å takke alle våre kunder,…

About 4 months ago from MYREZE's Twitter via Instagram